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Today, I discovered the service called Quantcast. This is a web site measurement company that provides free counter and statistics for your site. It also compares your site to millions of other sites on the Internet. The nice thing is that you can combine several sites into a network of sites which gives you an overview about your whole network. This is a feature that’s currently now available on Google Analytics.

I’ve put the Quantcast code on several of my sites and in a few days, I’ll let you know about the results… I hope that the statistics are accurate…

You’ve got a web site but nobody cares. Nobody knows where your site is and what’s you’ve got to offer. It’s about time to start promoting your content to the world. I’ll cover a few basic tactics in this article.

After the optimization of the site (see my previous article), it’s time to promote it more thouroughly to get more visitors to your site.

If you’ve got an online marketing budget to burn, then there are several options that I can recommend. This will bring in results quickly, however it requires you to run your campaign for a longer period as you’re basically paying for visitors to come to your site. However there are also some free alternatives. Read the rest of this entry »