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Archive for September, 2007

The WordPress Theme Generator allows you to quickly generate a new theme for your WordPress blog. It creates XHTML compliant files (css/php) for your site. It’s worth checking out if you need a new design for your site.

Comment spam, guestbook spam, e-mail spam is getting on my nerves. I’m always looking out for the next best thing to protect my web sites from any spam messages. Usually, I protect my web forms using a Captcha (a graphical security code) which needs to be resolved by a real user in order to use the form. Now I’ve found a great free service which allows you to protect information with a graphical code without doing any programming. Read the rest of this entry »

If you write your blog on the WordPress platform, then you might want to enhance your site with some additional features. There are many plugins available for WordPress but sometimes it’s hard to find the best plugins for your needs.

Below, you’ll find the list of plugins that I prefer to use when blogging on WordPress: Read the rest of this entry »

Last Friday, I wrote a quick post about QuantCast, a worldwide web traffic ranking service.

I’ve included their tracking code on all of my sites and now I’m waiting for the stats count up. The first couple of days of statistics are available on their site already.

Based on their analysis, my web sites get 1.2 million visits a month from 900,000 unique visitors. This number will continue to grow once there is enough data available. Read the rest of this entry »

Today, I discovered the service called Quantcast. This is a web site measurement company that provides free counter and statistics for your site. It also compares your site to millions of other sites on the Internet. The nice thing is that you can combine several sites into a network of sites which gives you an overview about your whole network. This is a feature that’s currently now available on Google Analytics.

I’ve put the Quantcast code on several of my sites and in a few days, I’ll let you know about the results… I hope that the statistics are accurate…