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Have you written some text for your web site which is appealing to search engines? Do you publish interesting information that is sought after by a lot of people? Well, you better make sure that your competitors are not copying your intellectual property for their own use.

Copyright infringement has happened more than once to us over the years. Large cooperations to small companies and single entrepreneurs have copied our copyrighted content and put it online on their own sites.

In this article we’ll give you some ideas what to do when you discover that somebody copies your content… Read the rest of this entry »

Patents and Copyright laws a great to protect your intellecual property. However many companies try to make some quick money by abusing those laws.

I read an article on about a legal dispute concerning some patents covering the creation of dynamic web pages (Nos. 5,894,554 and 6,415,335,). From what I understand, those patents where filed in April 1996 and January 1999. Read the rest of this entry »