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Making sure your web site displays correctly in all browsers is very important. While Internet Explorer is still the most popular web browser, you should also test the site for other systems to accommodate all users.

While business users are slower to upgrade their operating system, they seem to like using alternative web browsers. This is probably due to the fact that Firefox and Safari are safer to use than Internet Explorer. Opera is also more popular with business users. We’ve analyzed more than 1.8 million unique web visitors during July and August 2007.

Browser War – overview about the most used browsers

Internet Explorer 6.0 is still very popular at home — 2/3rd of the users still use the previous version of IE. On business web sites, IE 7.0 is quickly gaining ground. Firefox is almost twice as popular with corporate users than with home users. Also, European users seem to prefer alternative browsers. WebTV is still being used by home users.

Entertainment Business
Requests Browser
88.68% MSIE
60.82%    MSIE/6
27.39%    MSIE/7
0.47%    MSIE/5
0.19%        MSIE/5.5
8.86% Firefox
7.58%    Firefox/2
1.25%    Firefox/1
0.03%    Firefox/0
1.62% Safari
1.30%    Safari/2.0
0.20%    Safari/1.3
0.09%    Safari/3.0
0.30% Opera
0.21% Netscape
0.15% Mozilla
0.14% Camino
0.02% WebTV
0.01% Konqueror

based on 1,599,038 unique hosts visiting 6 differenet entertainment web sites (July-August 2007)

Requests Browser
80.52% MSIE
48.66%    MSIE/6
31.01%    MSIE/7
0.85%    MSIE/5
0.37%       MSIE/5.5
14.46% Firefox
12.25%    Firefox/2
2.14%    Firefox/1
0.06%    Firefox/0
2.25% Safari
1.71%    Safari/2.0
0.33%    Safari/3.0
0.21%    Safari/1.3
2.00% Mozilla
0.53% Opera
0.47%    Opera/9
0.03%    Opera/7
0.03%    Opera/8
0.19% Netscape
0.05% Konqueror

based on 225,112 unique hosts visiting 126 different business web sites (July-August 2007)

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